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How Can After Surgery Care Help Your Senior at Home?

After Surgery Care in Saginaw MI: Senior Care Assistance
After Surgery Care in Saginaw MI: Senior Care Assistance

Surgery can be a bit scary for anyone to go through. There’s not just the surgery itself, but also the recovery time afterward, which can feel a lot longer than expected. Having a plan for your senior’s recovery after surgery is vital, and home health care can be the bridge that ensures that your family member has the right recovery options available to her as she needs them the most.


Assessing Needs

The first step for after-surgery care is to assess your family member’s needs. What does she need help doing? What types of complications are expected during her recovery? All of this is taken into account to help put together a personalized care plan that will make the most of this recovery time. If your family member’s needs change, the care plan can adjust as well so that she continues to have her needs met.


Offering Nursing Care

One of the biggest aspects of recovering from surgery is likely to be taking the best possible care of wounds. Changing dressings and watching for signs of infection is crucial. Home health care providers can also assist with medications and ensuring that your family member has all of the medical care and follow-up appointments necessary in order to keep healing according to plan.


Helping with Personal Care Tasks

It is truly amazing how many of your family member’s daily tasks can become incredibly difficult after surgery. Getting dressed, bathing, and even eating meals can be almost impossible depending on the type of surgery she had. Having assistance with these tasks makes recovery a lot more comfortable and ensures that your family member has what she needs.


Helping with Rebuilding Strength and Range of Motion Movements

After surgery care does a lot beyond skilled nursing care, too. They can help to coordinate visits with occupational or physical therapists who can help your family member to rebuild her strength and improve her range of motion. Visits from all sorts of therapists give your family member a chance to regain some of what she might have lost due to surgery. All of this can help her to recover more fully, which is what everyone wants for her.


Offering Respite Care for Family Caregivers

So often there’s an errand that you have to run or something else that you have to take care of, but you don’t want to leave your family member alone. Home health care can offer respite coverage for those types of situations. You’ll know that if something happens your family member has the care that she needs and you’ll still be able to handle whatever needs to be done elsewhere.

Recovering from even a small surgery takes time, but it doesn’t have to be painful, lonely, or too complicated. After surgery care services can offer all sorts of assistance that make recovery far easier for your family member. It can also help to reduce the likelihood that she might have to return to the hospital because of complications during recovery.


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