Home Health Care: Common Types of Incontinence in the Elderly

Home Health Care in Macomb County MI: Incontinence

Home Health Care: Have you noticed that your elderly loved one has accidents? If so, you may be worried they will have this issue forever? Unfortunately, in some cases, that could be true. However, it is important for family caregivers to know there are different types of incontinence in elderly people. Learning about the most […]

Sepsis Alliance Raises Awareness about Sepsis

Company News: Sepsis

Sepsis accounts for upwards of 270,000 deaths per year! In order to raise public awareness and promote recognition of this condition, Sepsis Alliance has developed the It’s About TIME™ campaign, an easily remembered acronym that can aid in the recognition of the signs of sepsis and that imparts the importance of receiving treatment quickly. It’s […]

Home Health Care: Four Strategies for Helping a Senior with Mobility Issues

Home Health Care in Madison Heights MI: Mobility

Home Health Care: Your senior is likely to experience a variety of changes to her mobility as she ages. For some seniors, those changes occur rapidly after a health emergency. For others, those changes creep up gradually over time. No matter what types of mobility concerns your senior has, you and she may be able […]

Senior Health: What to Do if Your Senior is Diagnosed With COPD

Senior Health: COPD

Senior Health: The air in America is not getting any cleaner. According to the National Institute of Health, one in fifteen people in the United States suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This disease causes inflammation in the lungs that can lead to a variety of serious health conditions including lung cancer, heart disease, […]

Home Care Assistance: Fall Prevention Tips for All Ages

Home Care Assistance in Royal Oak MI: Fall Prevention

You worry about your mom or dad falling. It’s definitely something to consider. Each year, around three million older adults end up in the hospital after a fall. Your parents are not the only people at risk of falling. One study asked adults over the age of 20 if they’d fallen in the past year, […]

Senior Care: Alzheimer’s Disease Affects a Family, So Take Care of Yourself, Too

Senior Care

Senior Care: Sure, your mom is the one with Alzheimer’s disease, and she’s the one suffering. Don’t diminish your own feelings. They’re valid, and you’re hurting, too. When you’re the primary family caregiver for a parent with Alzheimer’s, it’s normal to push aside your own feelings. You have to focus on your mom. You need […]

Home Care Options: Is Home Health Care or Home Care Better for Your Senior?

Home Care in Troy MI: Home Care Options

Home Care Options: When you’re trying to make sure that your senior has the best care options available to her, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed with the various choices. Getting to know your options really helps you to narrow down those home care options.   What’s the Difference between the Two? Home care and […]