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Five Reasons Your Senior May Want to Consider Physical Therapy

Home Health Care in Warren MI: Physical Therapy
Home Health Care in Warren MI: Physical Therapy

There are some very good reasons for your elderly family member to look into physical therapy, including recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. But there are some other good reasons for your senior to start physical therapy, and knowing when to give that option a try can save your senior a good bit of pain and hopefully help her to avoid potential injury.


She’s Doing Less of What She Loves to Do

This part of your senior’s life is ideally about doing more of what she loves to do, and if that isn’t what she’s able to do because of her physical abilities, then physical therapy may be able to help. Regaining function and improving strength, balance, and mobility are all issues that a physical therapist can work with your senior to resolve. As she’s able to return to the things that she loves doing, her quality of life continues to improve.

She’s Dealing with a Chronic Health Issue

Chronic health issues are difficult to manage on a daily basis. As they progress, your senior may start to have greater challenges with her overall health and well-being. Home health care can be crucial in managing many aspects of her health challenges, but physical therapy in particular can be the key to resolving certain issues around endurance and strength. She can also help to improve her mood by managing her health more effectively.

She’s Preparing to Have Surgery

Physical therapy and home health care are incredibly important after your elderly family member has surgery. But she may not realize how well physical therapists can help her to prepare for surgery. This is often called “prehabilitation,” which is similar to rehabilitation, only occurring before her surgery. The stronger that she is before surgery, the easier her recovery is likely to be for her.

She’s in Pain 

Pain affects every area of a person’s life, interfering with normal movements and activities. It’s common for someone experiencing aches and pains to explain them away, especially as just a part of aging. But pain isn’t normal. And if some exercises or stretches can alleviate pain, then physical therapy is a great way for your senior to learn about these movements.

She Wants to Start Exercising Regularly without Hurting Herself

Exercising regularly is an excellent habit for your elderly family member to have, but if she hasn’t exercised in a long time, she may be worried about hurting herself. That’s a realistic concern. Physical therapists can show your senior how to move her body in a way that protects her from pain and injury, but that allows her to move her body in the ways that are going to benefit it the most.

It’s important that when your senior is moving her body, she’s doing so in ways that help her rather than causing more pain and injury. Physical therapy at home can help to make sure that your elderly family member has the assistance that she needs in order to remain as healthy as she can.


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