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Home Care Options: Is Home Health Care or Home Care Better for Your Senior?

Home Care in Troy MI: Home Care Options
Home Care in Troy MI: Home Care Options

Home Care Options: When you’re trying to make sure that your senior has the best care options available to her, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed with the various choices.

Getting to know your options really helps you to narrow down those home care options.


What’s the Difference between the Two?

Home care and home health care seem similar at first until you get into the details of how each type of service helps your elderly family member. Home care offers help that your senior needs with a variety of tasks in her own home as she needs that help. Home health care is much more specialized and may need your senior’s doctor to refer her for this type of care. It’s most often necessary when recovering from a medical issue, such as an illness or surgery.


If Your Senior Needs Hands-on Help

Some examples of when home care is the right option might include when cleaning her home and tidying up becomes difficult or when meal preparation is not going well. Having a companion available to assist with personal care tasks, like getting dressed also falls under home care’s range of service. Transportation help, assistance with errands, and helping with mobility can also be how home care helps, too.


If Your Senior Needs Medical Care at Home

Home health care, on the other hand, assists your senior with understanding her medical conditions, keeping an eye on incisions and wounds, and checking vital signs. Home health care services may also help your elderly family member to receive occupational or physical therapy to help her to recover further. They can also ensure that your senior is taking medications properly and may administer medications like IV antibiotics if they’re needed as well as many other home care options.


Home Care Options: She May Need Both Types of Help at Different Times

It’s entirely possible that your aging family member might need both types of help at various points. Both types of care are able to help your elderly family member to meet specific needs and challenges and both can assist her in improving and maintaining a good quality of life. Each type of care can also help your elderly family member to continue to meet her goals, especially goals around aging in place. You will find that there are a great number of home care options available to you.


Your senior’s doctor can help you to assess what her most pressing needs are both now and in the future. A good rule of thumb to remember is that medical needs are best served by home health care.


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