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Three Benefits of Skilled Nursing After Surgery

Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Troy MI: Skilled Nursing Benefits
Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Troy MI: Skilled Nursing Benefits

Around three out of ten surgeries are performed on older adults. John Hopkins reports that 36% of the surgeries they performed in 2017 were on older adults. Hip, femur, and knee surgeries are the three most common surgeries performed in this age group. All three surgeries benefit from skilled nursing services during the recovery. What are the three biggest benefits of having skilled nurses around during your dad’s recovery?


They Help With Pain Management

Your dad’s doctor may offer prescription pain medications to help him through the pain. You don’t want him taking too much or forgetting when he’s taken pills. Depending on the surgery, he may need IV medications or injections to keep the pain to a minimum.

With a skilled nurse available, your dad’s pain is well-managed. He’ll have nurses available to set up IV lines, administer any IV or injectable pain medications, and track the doses. If his pain isn’t well managed with the nurse’s help, the doctor is called for adjustments.


Physical Therapy Sessions Take Place at Home

Your dad needs to work with a physical therapist to regain strength and mobility. You could drive him to each appointment, but it’s a lot of work getting him in and out of your car and in and out of the building.

Instead, have a therapist come to your dad’s home and work with him there. He’ll be able to work out in a comfortable, low-stress environment.


They Help With Wound Care

For the first 24 or 48 hours, your dad may not be allowed to shower. He has to keep his pressure bandage in place to aid healing. Once he can shower, he needs help with bandage changes. His nurse can remove the old bandage, inspect the wound for signs of infection, clean it, and cover it with the recommended bandage.

If there are signs of infection, the nurse has the training to clean it and administer antibiotics if the doctor wants them added to your dad’s list of medications. He’ll have a nurse administer the IV antibiotics or make sure he has oral antibiotics if that’s the preferred route.

The nurse can check the stitches to make sure they’re not coming out too early. If they are, the nurse will let the surgeon know and address if he should be seen or if it’s just something to watch.


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