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What Type of Nursing Does My Senior Parent Need?

Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Macomb County MI: Senior Nursing Needs
Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Macomb County MI: Senior Nursing Needs

All parents age; it’s the truth we never want to admit. The older our parents get, the more we worry over them and try to micromanage their lives. You may think your parents need more help and automatically assume the only option is moving them to a nursing home. However, that is no longer true and may not be the best option for your senior. How can Skilled Nursing Care at Home help?

There are different types of care to choose from, and not all of them require a senior to get up and move out. But you may not know the difference between 24-hour care, Alzheimer’s care, and other types. How do you know which one your senior needs, and what difference will it make?

Moving a senior to a nursing home only makes sense if they absolutely need it, and not all seniors do. If your senior is lucid and is still capable of making their own decision, you will need to talk to them about where they want to stay and their age. Most of the older generation is choosing to age in place rather than uproot their entire lives. On the other hand, there are a few elderly individuals who need so much help that a nursing home makes the most sense. You will need to evaluate every detail of a senior’s life before choosing their care type.


Evaluate Lifestyles

Firstly, you will need to start by looking at what your senior does and what they do not do. If they are mostly independent but have trouble getting dressed, they may be happier staying home with a caregiver. If they have memory problems, they may need something like Alzheimer’s care professionals to help them through each stage. Some seniors may need help handling medication, and that will require someone who is licensed to handle medications. Looking at someone’s life is the very first step when deciding what type of care they should go for.


Understanding the Difference Between Types of Care

It can be so easy to confuse the types of care, and you may not even know which one can do the jobs you are asking for. Before you start looking for people to help your senior. Write up a job description of what you think a senior needs help with. This will help you determine which care they need and who you can hire. Here are a few options to look at.

-Alzheimer’s Care- This is a professional who knows how to handle a senior with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. It may be more specialized than other types of care and may help a senior during the earliest stages of the disease.

-Personal Care at Home- If a senior needs help cooking, cleaning, or getting dressed, this professional may be able to help with that. It’s an excellent option for seniors looking to age in place when they’re primarily independent but need extra help with a few tasks.
Nurses- When a senior needs a professional nurse, it is usually a one-time or weekly visit to help with medication management or even wound management. This may be beneficial for a senior if they are trying to recover from surgery or a virus.


If you or an aging loved one is considering Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Macomb County, MI, please contact the caring staff at New Century Home Health Care today. (248) 398-9600

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