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Chair Exercises for Seniors

Physical Therapy in Warren
Physical Therapy in Warren

Because of their age and diminished mobility, many seniors think they cannot exercise. Wrong! A limitation of movement should not prohibit you from exercising and being fit! In reality, several exercises can be done easily and securely in a chair to enhance or maintain strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and range of motion.

If your senior needs help finding the right type of chair exercises, it’s time to consider physical therapy. Some of these professionals may also visit your seniors’ houses. It is crucial to stay physically active even later in life.

People aged 65 and over should strive for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week and two days of strength training per week. If you find it difficult to reach the necessary levels of exercise, even 15 minutes a day may create big results! Exercise should involve effort, but there is a distinction between healthy muscular weariness and damage. If a workout creates a discomfort that persists after resting, try altering it or switching to something else. After all, you only profit from workouts that you do properly. Here are some fun chair exercises a senior can do outside physical therapy.

Always Start With a Warm Up
Warming up for three to five minutes before starting any workout program is recommended, and arm circles are a terrific place to start. Sit straight on a firm chair (no wheels) with your feet level on the floor. Extend your arms to each side, parallel to the floor. Make forward circles with a tiny, controlled motion, progressively increasing the size of the circles. After around 10 seconds, reverse the circles. If a senior is comfortable, they can also do this warmup while standing and take a seat once they are done warming up.

A Senior Should Try a Dumbbell Curl
Hold a dumbbell in each hand while sitting on a chair. Bend your elbows and raise the dumbbells to your shoulders, maintaining your elbows at your sides. Make an effort to complete 12 repetitions. A curl is a tugging exercise in which you draw the weight toward your body. Use weights or resistance bands that enable you to do 12-15 repetitions. Remember that a senior should have lightweight options when doing this. They can choose between one pound, five, and ten. You may find that certain muscles can lift heavier weights, while some exercises require the lightest weights.

Do Squats With Chair Support
Hold the top of a strong chair (one without wheels) for support. Push your hips back and bend your knees to get into a squat posture. Maintain a straight back and a high chest. If you cannot complete a full squat, lower yourself to a half-squat posture, then stand back up and repeat. Try to finish ten repetitions.

Easy Abdominal Twists
When individuals talk about training their core, they refer to their abdominal muscles. Core strength is essential, since your abdominal muscles are your foundation of support. They are essential in your daily activities, from getting out of bed in the morning to strolling about your neighborhood and working in your garden in the afternoon. Sit straight with your feet flat on the floor to execute this abdominal workout. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your arms, elbows at your sides, and forearms outstretched in front of you. Keep your upper torso stationary and rotate to the left until you feel a stretch in your abdominal region. Return to the center and turn to the right. That’s one more time. Aim for 8-10 repetitions.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Physical Therapy in Warren, MI, please contact the caring staff at New Century Home Health Care today. (248) 398-9600

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