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In-Home Care Services That You Don’t Want to Overlook

In-Home Care in Troy
In-Home Care in Troy

Your dad enjoys his independence, but he finds some tasks to be a bit more challenging than in the past. Make sure you support him as he ages in his home by arranging to have others help him. In-home care is a handy way to ensure this happens, so don’t overlook these services.


Your dad’s difficulties are few, but he is having a harder time standing up after he’s been sitting down for a while. He has a hard time getting his balance when he gets up in the morning. His caregiver can help.


One of the best reasons to hire caregivers is that your dad has a companion. He has someone to keep him company. He and his caregiver can play cards, watch movies, read books together, and go for walks. If your dad likes to dance, he has a caregiver there to put on music and dance around the house together.


Housekeeping tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down counters, sinks, and appliances are something caregivers can help with. Your dad can keep up with household chores that he enjoys doing, but if something is too much for him to handle, his caregiver is there.


Going down to the basement laundry room is too much for your dad, and there’s no way to move appliances to the main level. Hire caregivers to make the trip to the basement each week to wash his clothes, sheets, and towels. His caregiver can change his sheets and make his bed simultaneously.

Meals and Snacks

Your dad finds it hard to cook meals. He can make simple things, but cooking a meal is beyond his talents. Hire caregivers to cook the meals he needs. His caregiver can also prepare snacks and get him drinks when he needs them.

If he’s low on groceries, his caregiver can help him create a shopping list based on his preferred weekly menu. He can even have his caregiver help him place an order for delivery, or drive him to the store and accompany him on the shopping trip.

Medication Reminders

How often does your dad forget to take his pills? Hire caregivers to offer medication reminders. When it’s time for another dose, his caregiver will remind him and ensure he takes them the correct way. If he needs to eat a meal, his caregiver has that meal ready.


Your dad finds it difficult to schedule his appointments and remember when they’re coming up. Hire caregivers to help your dad arrange his medical and dental checkups. Caregivers can schedule prescription refills and grocery deliveries. They’ll remind him when he has something to do.


Just because your dad no longer drives, it doesn’t mean he is stuck at home and isolated. Hire caregivers to drive him to area stores and businesses. His caregiver can drive him to senior centers for social activities and to his friends’ homes.

Does this sound like it would help your dad stay independent as he ages at home? A in-home care advisor is happy to answer your questions and help you get the right arrangements scheduled. Call an in-home care agency to get started.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering In-Home Care in Troy, MI, please contact the caring staff at New Century Home Health Care today. (248) 398-9600

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