Help Your Senior Loved One Feel Younger

Post Hospital Care in Clinton Township

After getting hospitalized, it can make your senior loved one feel older. This is not how they should feel. Sometimes a senior may need more help when recovering at home. You may need to set up post-hospital care for your seniors to help them feel younger and actively recover. Once you find the right post-hospital […]

Home Health Care Fills in Care Gaps for Seniors

Home Health Care in Clinton Township

These days, it can be difficult to get medical appointments for routine care. Even seniors with health conditions that need monitoring can find it tough to get appointments in a timely fashion. Home health care can provide seniors with the routine monitoring and health management they need. With home health care, seniors can get the care […]

The Benefits of Mediation for Seniors

In-Home Care in Saginaw

Over the last several years, mindfulness and meditation have become trendy concepts. Even while meditation has been practiced as far back as 1500 BC, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn was credited with developing the mindfulness technique in the 1970s. Mindfulness and meditation require emptying one’s mind and focusing entirely on the present moment. This exercise, which some […]

Chair Exercises for Seniors

Physical Therapy in Warren

Because of their age and diminished mobility, many seniors think they cannot exercise. Wrong! A limitation of movement should not prohibit you from exercising and being fit! In reality, several exercises can be done easily and securely in a chair to enhance or maintain strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and range of motion. If your senior […]

Help Your Parent Reduce Some Risk Factors of Depression

In-Home Care in Royal Oak

Depression is a serious mood disorder, it isn’t simply having an off day or feeling a little sad about something. Depression will affect your parent’s ability to find joy and contentment. Changes in the brain can affect mood and lead to depression for some people. Yet, others might experience depression after a major life event, […]

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Skilled Nursing Care at Home in Rochester

September is thyroid cancer awareness month. Thyroid cancer is a growth of cells that begin in the thyroid. The thyroid is a gland in the base of the neck that looks like a butterfly. Its job is to produce hormones that take care of several functions of the body, such as heart rate, body temperature, […]

In-Home Care Services That You Don’t Want to Overlook

In-Home Care in Troy

Your dad enjoys his independence, but he finds some tasks to be a bit more challenging than in the past. Make sure you support him as he ages in his home by arranging to have others help him. In-home care is a handy way to ensure this happens, so don’t overlook these services. Ambulation Your […]

How Can You Tell Your Senior Might Need Home Health Care?

Home Health Care in Troy

Have some things changed in your senior’s life? It’s difficult as a family caregiver to keep up with all the little changes, but when you start to see signs that your senior may have more health issues, it’s important to find a solution. She’s Recently Been Hospitalized, Ill, or Injured Home health care is designed […]

How Can After Surgery Care Help Your Senior at Home?

After Surgery Care in Saginaw MI: Senior Care Assistance

Surgery can be a bit scary for anyone to go through. There’s not just the surgery itself, but also the recovery time afterward, which can feel a lot longer than expected. Having a plan for your senior’s recovery after surgery is vital, and home health care can be the bridge that ensures that your family […]

Five Reasons Your Senior May Want to Consider Physical Therapy

Home Health Care in Warren MI: Physical Therapy

There are some very good reasons for your elderly family member to look into physical therapy, including recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. But there are some other good reasons for your senior to start physical therapy, and knowing when to give that option a try can save your senior a good bit of pain […]

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