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How to Help Your Senior Who is Bedridden After a Stroke

Home Health Care in Macomb County MI: Stroke Care
Home Health Care in Macomb County MI: Stroke Care

Did your elderly loved one have a stroke? If so, and it was moderate to severe, they may be bedridden for quite a while, possibly even permanently. If this is the case, it is vital that your elderly loved one is receiving the proper care. It can be tough to handle the care all on your own, even if you are available a lot of the time. Home health care can be the solution you need to help care for your senior who is bedridden following a stroke.

In the meantime, there are some important things to keep in mind about caring for your senior after a stroke:

Caring for Someone Who is Bedridden Due to a Stroke

There are various aspects of an elderly person’s care that you may need to be involved in if they are bedridden due to a stroke. Some of the things that you might need to help out with include:

  • Diet – ensuring they are getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed on a daily basis
  • Personal hygiene – helping with bathing, dental care, and grooming (personal care at home services might be needed for these tasks, as well)
  • Entertainment – keeping their mind occupied through books, games, television, and other sources of fun and laughter

Unfortunately, depending on how severe your elderly loved one’s stroke was, they may need a lot of help. It may start with just the basics or it may be that your elderly loved one needs help with everything. If that is the case, home health care is the best option.


Preventing Bedsores

One of the things that family caregivers need to worry about if their elderly loved one is bedridden for any reason is bedsores. These happen when someone is immobile for an extended period of time. However, since professionals know a lot about bedsores and how they happen, there are some easy tips to help prevent them, as well. Some of these tips include:

  • Hiring home health care providers to change your elderly loved one’s position often
  • Keeping your elderly loved one’s skin dry and clean
  • Placing pillows in various positions to prop your elderly loved one up

You can also talk to your elderly loved one’s doctors about the other care that they might need. For instance, there may be some medications that your elderly loved one needs to take. If they aren’t able to take these medications on their own, home health care can step in to help them with medications.

Is your elderly loved one bedridden after having a stroke? If this is the case, hopefully, the information mentioned above can help you to provide the best care for them from this point forward.


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