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Reading Is a Great Way to Ease Stress

In-Home Care in Warren MI: Reading
In-Home Care in Warren MI: Reading

When was the last time you read a book for fun? Researchers at the University of Sussex reported that people who read books had stress levels up to 68% lower than others. Reading was better at reducing stress than music or playing video games. People who read fiction books have higher levels of empathy. Empathy is essential for forming compassion for others, making it easier to interact and socialize with others. An In-Home Care Services provider can help with reading to your senior or even to take your senior to the library or book store.

If you haven’t read any books lately, it’s time to take a break. Here are some newer releases that offer the chance to escape into another character’s life, era, or location.


The Boy Who Lived in the Ceiling by Cara Thurlbourn

It’s hard not to get caught up in Freddie’s life. After his father and step-mother kick him out, Freddie’s trying to do his best to survive on his own. When he sees a family leaving for vacation, he gets into their home expecting to have a warm place to sleep and showers/baths for a few days. But, they come home unexpectedly.

Freddie finds himself trapped in their attic. Unable to make a sound when they’re home, he waits for his chance to flee in the middle of the night, but the longer he’s there, the more he wishes he could be part of a family again.


The Necklace by Matt Whitten

Susan Lentigo is happily married and has a young daughter, Amy. After being asked to work a late shift, Susan calls her mom and asks her to get Amy. Messages are crossed, and Amy disappears.

Twenty years later, Susan is set to go to North Dakota to witness the execution of Amy’s killer. But, Susan finds something that makes her question if the wrong man has sat in jail for two decades. The story is emotional and grips you from the start.


New Girl in Little Cove by Damhnait Monaghan

Here’s a book that leaves you wanting to head to Newfoundland like the main character. After her father’s death and her boyfriend’s unforgivable behavior, Rachel O’Brien packs up and moves to a remote village in Newfoundland. There, she’s going to teach French at a Catholic high school.

Rachel never expects the language to be so different from standard English. Plus, the children she’s supposed to be teaching don’t care, and she doesn’t get what they’re calling her, which only adds to her frustration. Rachel needs to figure out how to fit in when she’s clearly an interloper.

When did you last take a break? Has it been weeks since you had a day to yourself? If so, it’s time to address your dad’s need for home care assistance services. While you take time off, your dad has the help of a trained caregiver.

With in-home care assistance, you’re free to focus on self-care for a day, several days, or even weeks. Your dad has all the support he needs, and you enjoy the peace of mind that he’s safe. Call a home care specialist to get started.


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