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How Can You Tell Your Senior Might Need Home Health Care?

Home Health Care in Troy
Home Health Care in Troy

Have some things changed in your senior’s life? It’s difficult as a family caregiver to keep up with all the little changes, but when you start to see signs that your senior may have more health issues, it’s important to find a solution.

She’s Recently Been Hospitalized, Ill, or Injured

Home health care is designed to offer medical assistance when your senior has been ill, injured, hospitalized, or had surgery. So if she’s dealing with serious health issues, then this type of care might be exactly what she needs to recover. She’s able to regain her independence, and you’ll know that she has the medical help she needs.

She Needs a Lot of Help Getting Out of Her Home

Most people who are injured or dealing with major health issues have a difficult time leaving their home. Your senior may feel unsafe leaving her home, or she may have to use assistive tools that are difficult to manage, like a wheelchair. As a result, your senior may even skip doctor’s appointments, which can lead to even bigger health issues.

She’s at Her Doctor or the Hospital a Lot

If your elderly family member is at her doctor’s office a lot or has been to the emergency room or hospital often, she may benefit from medical care at home. Some health conditions, like COPD, bring with them the risk of your elderly family member picking up germs from other people that have a bigger impact on her. The risk of picking up pneumonia from frequent visits to her doctor or hospital may mean it’s better for medical providers to come to her instead.

She’s Recently Fallen or Almost Fallen

Falling or even almost falling may be a sign that your senior has more issues than you realize. Having a physical therapist or occupational therapist come to her at home can help your senior recover her balance and strength. If she’s having that much difficulty with mobility, your senior may avoid all sorts of situations that would otherwise be helpful for her.

Managing Her Health Is Becoming Very Difficult for Her

Memory issues and physical health concerns can also play havoc with your senior’s ability to care for her health issues. When that happens, your elderly family member may find that she’s suddenly just not able to keep up. Having home health care providers there to get her back on target can be a huge help.

Your Senior’s Routine Seems to Have Changed a Lot

Are you noticing that your elderly family member’s routines are changing, and you’re not sure why? It could be related to an injury or health issue that you’re not aware of yet. Finding out what’s behind those changes can help you get your senior the help she needs.

Talk with your senior’s doctor about how home health care providers can make a difference for her. They may assist with much more than you or your senior realize.

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